Finally! A simple solution for 'earworms'

"Bad Romance" was recently found by researchers to be one of the number one stickiest songs when it comes to hits that worm their way into your brain and often seem impossible to shake.* But one professor from Western Washington University, in Bellingham, thinks he's found a way to finally get this tune out of your head for good.

In a report published in "Applied Cognitive Psychology," Ira Hyman, a music psychologist, says it's as simple as engaging the brain in something else -- like, for example, trying to create an anagram with the letters of the song you've been humming for days.

Why? Because, Hyman says, it's a task that's easy enough to do without too much thought, but difficult enough to be a little bit distracting.

"It is like a Goldilocks effect - it can't be too easy and it can't be too hard, it has got to be just right," the professor noted.

Reading a book, playing a video game, or doing a Sudoku puzzle were also shown to be effective remedies. However, due to the lasting impression songs leave on the mind, it's still pretty likely that within a few days, you'll be right back to whistling "Call Me Maybe" or another catchy tune.

*Sorry for using the video to demonstrate this fact, but it's true, isn't it? And you kind of liked it, right?

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