Everything you know is a lie: Science debunks these dating myths

Online dating is for losers and weirdos. Living together makes for a better marriage. Women are the illogical, emotional ones. These are basically known facts, correct? Apparently not, according to a recent piece of Cracked, which dug up scientitific evidence to prove several dating myths dead wrong.

The article, which looked at five commonly-held beliefs about sex, dating, and marriage, uncovers studies which poke holes in what we all thought were confirmed truths. Gamers never get dates? Not true. Feminism kills romance? Also not true.

But probably the most interesting study is one which looks at how men and women approach relationships in different ways -- chiefly, that while men may appear to remain calm and collected in romantic situations, they are just as emotional as their female counterparts (if not moreso!). From Cracked:

A study of data collected from over a thousand unmarried young adults showed that men are actually more emotionally affected by relationship drama than women. They just don't show it. They're more likely to put on a brave face than post passive-aggressive Facebook statuses or complain about their significant other to their buddies.

You can read the whole fascinating article here.

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