Even Martha Stewart considered joining

The world of dating is anything but a Good Thing -- especially if you're one of the most powerful, recognizable women in the world. Martha Stewart, who is currently single, told TODAY show host Matt Lauer that, like millions of other unattached Americans, she toyed with the idea of exploring online dating...until she got to the actual application, which she called "impossible."

"I started to laugh halfway down the page," 71-year-old Stewart told Lauer, "It was, like, impossible."

The publishing and television powerhouse was married for 26 years before getting divorced in 1987. Since then, she has dated more than a few notable men, including Sir Anthony Hopkins and billionaire Charles Simonyi. However, she says she's been single for some time.

Stewart, who is a grandmother in addition to being an unstoppable media mogul, noted that while she hasn't "found Mr. Right yet," she does enjoy the process.

"I love dating," she told Lauer, and noted that, if she had actually gone through with the process of online dating, she'd have used her own name, rather than an alias.

"I want to do my real thing," Stewart explained.

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