Travis Pastrana successfully jumps the Caesars fountain


Fifty years after Evel Knievel so famously wiped out trying to jump the fountain at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Travis Pastrana has successfully made the jump.

Dressed in the iconic white jumpsuit with the blue V and white stars that the legendary stunt performer was known to wear, Pastrana jumped the fountain in the opposite direction that Knievel did. Because the area is more built out than it was 50 years ago, he had less space for the run-in and had to accelerate as hard as he could.

“I literally have to hit 68 mph in under 200 feet,” he in an interview before the event. said. “With his high-heel dress boots, if I miss a shift, I’m in the fountain for sure.”

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Pastrana was the first to do a double backflip on a motorcycle. On New Year’s Eve 2009, he shattered the world record for the longest jump in a rally car when he traveled 269 feet from the Pine Street Pier in Long Beach onto a barge anchored in the harbor. He celebrated by doing a backflip off the landing ramp into the chilly water.

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