STAR 101.5 to honor a local nurse every hour to celebrate National Nurses Day

STAR 101.5 to honor local nurses every hour between 6 AM - 7 PM on Wednesday, May 6 to celebrate National Nurses Day

Everyone at STAR 101.5 is celebrating National Nurses Day by honoring one local nurse every hour on the air from 6 AM - 7PM on Wednesday, May 6th to show our sincerest appreciation.

For the past week, our listeners were encouraged to nominate a deserving nurse in our area, someone who goes above and beyond. Thirteen nominees were chosen and each of the nurses will be treated to a two-night stay at Staypineapple Hotels and a $100 gift certificate to Mama Stortini's.

LISTEN to STAR 101.5 to honor these nurses and all health care workers with us.

Read more about these amazing nurses below!

Matthew Deitz - Providence Medical Center, Everett, WA

"Matthew is more than a nurse, he is King County Search and Rescue member, he and his family are active at their church, he and his wife home school their two children, he is performing home improvement projects, he is a nurse, AND they are a foster family. Search and Rescue is a program where he gets paged to find lost hikers, search for criminal evidence, and provide assistance to the sheriff. He rounded up some friends and family to paint their house, repair the siding, and interior repairs. Matthew took a leave of absence from the hospital and traveled around the world with his family to provide medical and other services to low income and in need families. After returning from their year long mission they registered as a foster family where they have been fostering a child of a mother who is struggling to find stable housing. Matthew and his wife home school their children and enrolled the foster child in public school. But after Covid 19 arrived, they now have three children in SIP and they haven't skipped a beat; it is business as usual. Matthew is also an ER nurse subjecting himself to the risks of Covid 19 yet continuing to work hard every shift. On top of that Matthews cousin graduated from nursing school and he put in a good word for her at the hospital and she launched her nursing career at Providence as well." - Erik, his nominator

Olivia Fragoso - Tacoma, WA

"She is dedicated and compassionate. As much as she misses them, she has kept her distance from ALL of her family and friends in order to stay safe and be able to continue to go to work. Taking care of her patients is her number 1 priority right now." - Rosario, her nominator

Hannah Johansen - University of Washington Medicine

"Hannah Johansen provides amazing care to all her patients. She is an ICU nurse you want to care for your favorite family members. During this pandemic, when Hannah is on you will find her in the hot zone caring for these sick patients. She does not hesitate to jump in when her team mate needs help putting a patient on their belly or simply getting a break. Hannah has embraced technology to help families keep in touch with their loved ones during the pandemic using face time and zoom so they can do a check in each day. Hannah has also helped keep team morale up with simple things like a bulletin board for staff to write ideas on their self care top hits. It has been my pleasure to observe Hannah develop from novice to a expert critical care nurse over the years who delivers quality, compassionate care to the sickest of the sick. She is a winner!" - Mary Jo, her nominator

Shandon Lystad - Overlake Hospital Medical Center

"Shandon has been a nurse for just over 3 years at Overlake Hospital where in a short time, she has become Part-time Charge Nurse, a highly regarded patient care floor nurse, as well as chemo certified on the Medical/Surgical Oncology floor.

At 7 months pregnant, she was exposed to a patient who turned out to have Covid-19 while on her floor and who was not on Covid protocol at the time of exposure. Shandon was immediately tested and sent home to await the results. Fortunately, she tested negative after 2 days and has been back at work, working full time (and more), caring for patients, encouraging staff and setting the example of compassion we all imagine when we envision the special individuals called to this profession. She exemplifies the heroic example of always putting her patients first." - Chris, her nominator

Sherrill Aitkin - East Pierce Family Medicine Residency

"She works O/T when needed. She goes home and then takes care of her 2 kids and husband. She is such a good nurse that she is reconized when she is out at stores or even concerts. She is absolutly amazing. Couldn't ask for a better person to be a nurse." - Tina, her nominator

Robyn Nylander - Burlington, WA

"Robyn Nylander has worked as a hospice nurse before working at Skagit Valley Hospital for 10 years and is currently working as a school nurse in the Burlington-Eddison School District at two of their schools LU and Allen.

Robyn Nylander has gone above and beyond being a nurse more times then you can count but I will just name a few. At the hospital when she was on call she was ready to be there at any time and to help with anything needed. She has gone out of her way to help with her patients and patients that aren't even hers. When she was working at the hospital she saved many peoples lives, one of the times she preformed CPR on a patient and they survived all thanks to Robyn. When Robyn was a in Hospice she told me a story that after a old women had peacefully passed away even though her job was done the laddie's husband asked Robyn to dress her in her nicest clothes and make her look nice for their last goodbyes after she had passed away. Robyn did so even though that her job their was done and she could have left. When working as a school nurse she has come across many kids who their families can't even afford shoes for their kids, so knowing Nurse Robyn she went to the local store and bought those kids shoes. Other families that don't have many clothes for their kids Robyn gave away her kids's clothes that were to small to those families that couldn't afford clothes. As you can already tell Nurse Robyn Nylander has gone above and beyond while being a nurse in many ways." - Robert, her nominator

Divinia Borgatti - St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma, WA

"Transitioned from OR nurse to serving CODID-19 patients all day every day." - Barbara, her nominator

Lori Best - Seattle Children's Hospital

"Lori has continued to work at both hospitals full time during this virus outbreak. She also cleans all outside door handles and touch surfaces in her condominium building. She also makes Costco runs for some of the older neighbors." - Pete, her nominator

Jennifer Slater - Children's Regional Medical Center, Federal Way Clinic

"Since she was a young girl, Jennie has had a heart for others and a desire to care for them. Drawn to working with children, she started working at Children's Hospital right after nursing school and had made her career there. She learned specialty skills like ventilator care in order to expand the base of patients she could work with. When she moved to Puyallup and transferred to the Federal Way Clinic, she further expanded her skills to Adolescent Medicine, Urology, and others, striving to provide exceptional care to all of her patients and their caregivers. She is a fantastic nurse." - Leslie, her nominator

Sarah Sapp - Multicare Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup, WA

"Sarah has the ability to keep her patient’s as comfortable as possible while connecting with them on a personal level. She is great at maintaining composure under great deals of stress, even through the tough times lately. With 12 hour shifts it must be extremely exhausting, but she goes in for every shift with a positive outlook." - Anthony, her nominator

Katie Amer - St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Enumclaw, WA

"Just one example: Friday she worked a 15 hour shift, 12 of which were in a N95 mask. She is dedicated to her profession as an operating room nurse which for her means provided the best care possible to her patients. She is a wonderful mother, wife & daughter as well. Thank you for considering her for your recognition program." - Robyn, her nominator

Erika Miller - Seattle Children's Hospital

"Erika is the manager of emergency mental health at Seattle Children's. Erika is tireless in her advocacy for mental health care for children and adolescents as well as her team. Erika is the first manager you will find jumping in to help on the frontlines, answering the phone after hours and coming in on her days off to see that that one last thing is taken care of. And she does all that with kindness, grace, and an endless smile on her face. She us truly an exceptional human being." - Pauline, her nominator

Tori Zahler - ManorCare Health Services, Lacey, WA

"She is constantly working late to ensure her residents are receiving the best care and picking up extra shifts to cover where a nurse has called out. She places herself aside to provide better care for her patients and goes above the call of duty every day of the week." - Douglas, her nominator

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