Spacek begs 'Carrie' fans not to tattoo horror prom queen's face on their bodies

FILE - Actress Sissy Spacek is pictured April 28, 2010. (David Shankbone / CC BY 2.0 via MGN)

Sissy Spacek is urging fans of her cult 1976 horror movie "Carrie" not to get her character tattooed on their skin after meeting superfans with her face on their limbs.

The actress admits she was taken aback by the skin art and she hopes she never has to see it again.

"I'd met two of the most beautiful young girls I'd ever seen, and one of them had a tattoo of Carrie on her leg," she tells Rolling Stone magazine in a new interview. "(It was) very beautiful, in color, with flowers in her hair.

"The other one had her tattooed on her arm ... and it's from the prom scene, with her covered in blood.

"To anybody reading this: Please don't get tattoos of Carrie anywhere on your body."

But Spacek, who played the troubled teen in the Stephen King adaptation, understands why the character -- and the movie -- has taken on cult status: "There are a lot of people who feel persecuted and feel like outsiders, it's a powerful film for them."

The role landed Spacek the first of six Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominations, and the film was remade in 2013, with Chloe Grace Moretz as the tormented Carrie.

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