New DVD, Blu-ray and digital release highlights for the week of September 21-27, 2020

Rick and Morty Season 4 (Photo: Warner Bros.)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — This week is dominated by television releases, but there are some strong catalog titles as well.

This week sees the fourth season of insanity that is "Rick and Morty," an animated adventure centered on mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his overly-trusting grandson Morty Smith. There are clones and galactic battle with a heavy influence from Star Wars.

The fifth season of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" sees the show head in a new direction as a handful of the old familiars say goodbye and the series pushes others to the forefront. The series also sees a number of historical resurrected courtesy of Astra Logue who has a score to settle with John Constantine.

Josh Hartnett stars in "Most Wanted" as Victor Malarek, a Canadian journalist, who begins to investigate the case of Daniel Léger, a former junkie, who has been sentenced to serve a 100-year sentence in a Thai prison following his involvement in a drug deal gone wrong.

"Babyteeth" is a coming-of-age romantic drama that doesn't bend to expectations and cliché. Eliza Scanlen stars as Milla, a teen with cancer, who falls in love with a drug dealer she meets on a train platform.

"Sanctuary" is an eight-part series from Sweden about a woman who finds herself mistaken for her twin sister and locked away in a clinic that isn't the luxurious destination that it appears to be.

The fourth season of "The Good Wife," CBS All Access spin-off of "The Good Fight," sees Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) waking in an alternate timeline where Hillary Clinton won the election, but all is not as she expected as social injustice and inequality continue to exist.

The fourth season of CW's "Riverdale," a rather outlandish take on the Archie Comics, begins with a funeral before launching into more melodrama as old relationships threaten to rekindle and a series of strange videotapes appearing on various character's doorsteps.

"Beckman" stars David A.R. White as Aaron Beckman, a former contract killer, who abandons his life of violence to become a reverend at a church. When his daughter is kidnapped, Beckman falls back on his old habits to save her.

Warner Brothers is slowly, carefully preparing Stanley Kubrick's films for 4K releases. Both "The Shining" and "2001" were fantastic. "Full Metal Jacket," an anti-war film that uses the Vietnam War with brutal effect, isn't as visually polished as those films, but it boast an impressive transfer that really comes alive in it's second half. There are no new bonus features and the Blu-ray included is identical to the 13-year-old release, but for anyone with 4K capabilities, this is the best version of the film available.

This week also sees the 4K release of "Whiplash." I've yet to see this release myself, but the film is an incredibly moving portrait of a young musician (Miles Teller) at a conservatory who sees his life buckle under the intense pressure of living up to his instructor's expectations. It's a phenomenal film.

The Criterion Collection brings the original, uncut version of Francesco Rosi's "Christ Stopped at Eboli" to home video for the very first time. Previous releases only contained the truncated theatrical release that cut over an hour of footage. The film stars Gian Maria Volonté as Carlo Levi, a painter, who is arrested in 1935 by the Benito Mussolini regime for his anti-fascist views. As punishment he is sent to a remote village where he discovers an impoverished community in desperate need of a doctor. Levi studied medicine, but never practiced.

"Swans: Where Does a Body End?" is a fantastic exploration of the life and career of Michael Gira, principle member of the ever-evolving band Swans. Director Marco Porsia spent five years with the band and was given access to hours of archive footage. Along with Gira, the film includes interviews with long-time collaborator Jarboe, fellow New York post-punk legend Thurston More, obscure music heroes Blixa Bargeld and Jim Thirlwell, Mute records founder Daniel Miller and contemporary voices Karen O and Amanda Palmer. You don't need to be an established fan to enjoy this portrait of an enduring artist.

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