Tom Petty, Steven Tyler, Dolly Parton - Local Photographer has Met them All

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(Credit: Darrell Westmoreland/Rock & Roll Photographer)

Photographer Darrell Westmoreland of Aberdeen is a pretty humble guy. He won't brag about his amazing career, but his daughters will.

"It was like having a famous dad," said Corrie - and sister Darnell agreed. "I don't think we really realized the magnitude of it until a little later."

For nearly 50 years, their dad has photographed some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry - like Tom Petty, Steven Tyler and Dolly Parton - and gotten to personally hang out with them! It's a career most people dream of, and it all started in high school for Darrell when he was asked to shoot for a local newspaper.

"I got an assignment to cover a rock festival in 1971," he said. "Steve Miller was there, and that was basically my introduction into the music scene."

Within a year and a half Darrell was shooting for 50 record companies.

"That's really why I was embedded so closely with these artists," he said. "I was basically part of their entourage."

Darrell remembers one time he was shooting with Tom Petty in Seattle in 1978.

"We shot a bunch of meet and greet stuff and then we were going to get back in the limo to go back to his hotel in downtown Seattle, and Tom said 'I think I'll walk back' and I said 'I think I'll walk back with you."

Not many people get to spend that kind of quality time with THE Tom Petty.

The perks of the job also included being the main concert photographer at major venues like the Tacoma Dome, where his daughters got to tag along too.

Corrie's first concert was Rick Springfield when she was four years old. She also got to meet superstar boy bands later in life like New Kids on the Block and N'SYNC. The sisters even joke about the time one of the N'SYNC members gave Corrie flowers.

"You could of married Joey Fatone!" But Corrie didn't have all the fun...

"My first surreal moment was when I was 5 years old and I went to the Go-Go's, " said Darnell. "Another big moment was meeting TuPac at Summer Jam in 1993."

And while their dad has seen a lot over the years, it hasn't always been picture perfect.

"There are a lot of jerks," said Darrell. "Kid Rock really wasn't the most enjoyable person to work with. David Lee Roth too...there's a character!"

But now after all these years, Darrell is the one in focus. He's put all of his rock and entertainment memories into a book called "Snap, Click, Flash: All Access Pass". It's an intimate look back at his surreal career. The photos of these icons literally suck you in. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and if that's the case, we think this book is priceless. And no one appreciates the story it tells as much as Darrell himself.

"It's the best gig ever," he said. "There's no amount of money that could buy what I've witnessed."

To see it for yourself, you can purchase Darrell Westmoreland's book online.

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