HQ Trivia app raises money for New Jersey's coronavirus fund

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HQ Trivia app raises money for New Jersey's coronavirus fund (Twitter screenshot)

WASHINGTON (SBG) -- Popular trivia app HQ Trivia is trying to make a major difference during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The app announced they'll be donating one dollar to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund for every player who joins Wednesday night's 9 p.m. EST game. HQ Trivia's fundraiser will happen on the same night a "Jersey 4 Jersey" telethon for the same fund will be held and broadcasted across local stations in the state.

The one-hour telethon, which starts at 7 p.m., is expected to feature celebrities with New Jersey connections such as Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, Whoopi Goldberg and Jon Stewart among others. reports organizers of the event decided to use HQ Trivia to extend fundraising efforts beyond their telethon. Wednesday night's edition of HQ Trivia will feature questions that are specifically New Jersey themed. Some of the night's questions could also be related to the telethon and feature high profile figures from the "Jersey 4 Jersey" fundraiser.

The New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, which is being organized by Gov. Phil Murphy and his administration, says their goal is fund resources needed to address the impact of coronavirus for New Jersey's most vulnerable.

HQ Trivia gained huge popularity in 2017 but quickly came to an end in February due to a lack of funding. The app made an unexpected return in March after being acquired by an anonymous investor, according to Axios.

Since the app's return, HQ Trivia has matched prize money offered to contestants with a donation to causes who are helping combat coronavirus' effect across the country. Mental Health Center of Denver, After School Matters, California Immigration Resilience Fund and Communities in Schools have been among the most recent recipients of funding from the app.

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