Chris Evans talks Captain America and his love for indie films

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Chris Evans talks Captain America and his love for indie films

(KUTV) For many of us Christopher Reeve will always be Superman, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and Chris Evans will always be associated with Captain America. With the end of his contract with Marvel looming in the not-so-distant future, there's been a lot of speculation as to if Evans will sign on for more films or hang up the shield altogether.

So before we dove into "Gifted," his newest project that tells the story about an uncle raising his niece who has a particular talent for complex math equations, I asked Evans if his heart was more likely to lead him into more indie roles, or if he still had a passion for blockbusters.

Well, I still love doing the Captain America films. I don’t know about… well, I should clarify. I mean blockbuster films are fine, but I think that personally I gravitate more to the indie movies. But, Captain America is in a special category. Those movies I really have a soft spot for and everyone at Marvel knows exactly what they’re doing. So it’s a blessing to be a part of those.

Sounds like Evans isn't quite ready to give up on Steve Rogers. Marvel, that puts the ball in your court.

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