Alec Baldwin gets in bitter Twitter feud with producer over underage actress claims

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin at "The Boss Baby" New York Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on Mrch 21, 2017. (Ivan Nikolov/

Alec Baldwin battled Hollywood producer Dana Brunetti on Twitter on Thursday, amid claims he was misled about the age of co-star Nikki Reed when they shot 2006 film "Mini's First Time."

In his new memoir, "Nevertheless," the "Boss Baby" star claims he had words with filmmakers after discovering the "Twilight" actress, who acted out sex scenes with Baldwin, was only 17.

He writes: "I was forty-seven, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was. When I found out, just as we finished, that she was seventeen, I flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different."

Brunetti and co-producer Evan Astrowsky hit back at Baldwin's claims in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, insisting that "of course" he knew how old Nikki was.

But not happy to accept that, Baldwin decided to ignite the situation by taking to Twitter, and writing: "And Hollywood producers like Brunetti never do anything shady or unethical?" while mentioning Brunetti , the movie's writer/director Nick Guthe, The Hollywood Reporter journalist Tatiana Siegel and actress Reed with their Twitter handles in his message.

Brunetti responded, "You lied, face it, admit it and move on. I'm not afraid of bullies like you," leading to Baldwin demanding to see the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) paperwork that legally allowed him to take on a sex scene with a minor, which Nikki was at the time.

Brunetti then hit back, "If required, I'm sure there is one. But really, are you going to continue to deny that you didn't know she was 16?? I'll bury you."

Clearly getting increasingly infuriated, Baldwin responded: "I was told she was 16 by her hairdresser. At the end of the shoot. You're already buried."

Calling Baldwin a "fool", Brunetti added: "She just came off a movie called 13!! Do I need to bring in the other crew to vouch that you knew?? @NickGuthe wanna weigh in."

Undeterred, Baldwin continued to push Brunetti to release the "union required release form", while labeling him a "Hollywood zombie". Brunetti suggested Baldwin should contact SAG himself, to which the actor replied: "Put down that 50 Shades part 9 script you're reading and trot on over to SAG! Pronto!"

After Baldwin cryptically wrote "I present you w the first ever Dan Brunetti award. You know what that's for...", Brunetti replied: "And again, I suggest you contact your agent @MattDelPiano so he can warn you of the waters you're wading into."

Baldwin hit back, saying he "would never wade into any water" with Brunetti, to which Brunetti responded: "So it is either you lied or are a daft idiot who claims you didn't know the age of your costar you spent weeks on set with. Which is it?"

Baldwin then concluded the Twitter feud, for now, by writing, "Dana, you're very funny. Untalented, but funny. I'll see you at the 50 Shades of Gray restaurant opening."

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