Alec Baldwin debuted a Bill O'Reilly impersonation. Fans said it may top his iconic Trump.

Alec Baldwin as Bill O'Reilly and President Donald Trump in an episode of "Saturday Night Live," Saturday, April 8, 2017. (YouTube/Saturday Night Live)

WASHINGTON (CIRCA) - Alec Baldwin said he doesn't think America can take much more of his impersonation of President Donald Trump.

Fortunately for "Saturday Night Live" fans, he apparently also has an impressive Bill O'Reilly impression in his repertoire. Saturday night he played both roles, summoning his impression of Trump to defend his impression of O'Reilly.

The real-life O'Reilly has been embattled by allegations that he settled multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, causing dozens of advertisers to abandon his show.

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Alec Baldwin's Bill O'Reilly impersonation might trump his Trump

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