2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Last minute movies and snacks

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Star Wars


  • "Doc Martin: Series 9" is a comedic medical drama about a successful surgeon who develops haemophilia (the fear of blood) and retreats to a small British village where he works as the town general practitioner. The character, Doc Martin, originated in the British comedy "Saving Grace."
  • Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy" surreal animated comedy just released its seventeenth season.
  • Seth MacFarlane's less-surreal, but equally inspired sci-fi comedy "The Orville" just released its second season on DVD.
  • "Fuller House," Netflix's teamed to relaunch the "Full House" series decades after the original series aired. The franchise has proven profitable as Warner Bros. has just released "The Complete Fourth Season" on DVD.
  • "Suits: The Complete Series" includes all nine seasons of the popular USA Network legal drama about college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) making a career out of working for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht).

Frozen II

  • The "Frozen II" Soundtrack comes in a variety of flavors, configurations and formats including this beautiful vinyl release.
  • There is no shortage of Frozen themed items, a stocking-stuffer idea would be this Frozen Gift Tin featuring Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf Pez dispensers.

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Recent DVD and Blu-ray Releases

  • DreamWorks Amimation's "Abominable" sees Yi (Chloe Bennet), a teen recovering from the recent death of her father, setting out on an adventure when a on-the-run Yeti appears on the roof of her Shanghai apartment building.
  • Brad Pitt stars in "Ad Astra," a cerebral sci-fi film that finds a man traveling across the universe to confront his father, who he believed to be dead, whose experiments threaten mankind's existence.
  • Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Jada Pinkett Smith star in action thriller "Angel Has Fallen," the third and best film featuring Butler as Secret Service agent Mike Banning.
  • The popular television series "Downton Abbey" lives on in this film from series creator Julian Fellowes.
  • Those looking for an unconventional sci-fi drama will enjoy "Freaks," a thriller that sees a 7-year-old girl, who has been sheltered away by her paranoid father, venturing out into the world for the first time.
  • Based on a true story, "Hustlers" sees Jennifer Lopez starring with Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart as strippers who routinely drug and max out their clientele's credit cards.
  • "It: Chapter Two," the second act of the adaptation of Stephen King's novel, sees old friends reconnecting after 27 years when Pennywise the Dancing Clown returns to their hometown.
  • Keira Knightley stars in "Official Secrets," a film that about Katharine Gun, the whistleblower who leaked a memo revealing that the United States had eavesdropped on United Nations diplomats following the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
  • Quentin Tarantino rewrites history with "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," the tale of a former star (Leonardo DiCaprio), his stunt double (Brad Pitt) and the murder of Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie).
  • John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) travels to Mexico to rescue his daughter from a Mexican cartel in "Rambo: Last Blood."
  • Black comedy "Ready or Not" sees newlywed Grace Le Domas (Samara Weaving) hunted by her spouse's family as part of a long-standing tradition.
  • Jai Courtney stars in the action drama "Semper Fi," a film that finds Marine Corps Reserve officer attempting to break his brother out of prison.

Tasty Treats

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Recent Catalog DVD and Blu-ray Releases

  • Bette Davis stars in Joseph L. Mankiewicz's "All About Eve," the 1950 drama about a young actress who schemes her way into a fading star's life in hopes of stealing away her roles.
  • Director John Carpenter teams with actor Kurt Russell in "Big Trouble in Little China," a cult classic that finds trucker Jack Burton (Russell) helping save his friend's fiancee from a Chinatown street gang led by a 2,000-year-old sorcerer.
  • Set in a Harlem jazz club in the 1930s, "The Cotton Club" sees the home video debut of Francis Ford Coppola's "Encore" version of the crime drama that includes an additional 25 minutes worth of scenes that the director was forced to cut from the theatrical release.
  • Andrew Lane's strange "Jake Speed" reveals a hidden world where pulp fiction characters exist in the real world. Mid-80s silliness with a nod to "Romancing the Stone."
  • French NEw Wave director Jacques Rivette's "Joan the Maid" is a two-part historical drama from 1994 about Joan of Arc starring Sandrine Bonnaire ("À nos amours")
  • The beloved 2002 Japanese animated film "Millennium Actress" blurs the line between reality and cinema as a pair of filmmakers set out to make a documentary about famed actress.
  • In 1985, Stephen King adapted his short story "Cycle of the Werewolf" under the moniker of "Silver Bullet."
  • The mind-bending 1972 adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Slaughterhouse-Five" about a World War II soldier abducted by aliens.
  • "The Story of Temple Drake" is an infamous 1933 pre-Code thriller based on William Faulkner's "Sanctuary," a story about a woman who seeks revenge on a group of men who raped her.
  • "The Tiger of Eschnapur and the Indian Tomb" is a two-film Indian epic from the late period of Fritz Lang's ("Metropolis") career. You've undoubtedly seen the ubiquitous "snake dance scene"
  • British drama "Tunes of Glory" stars Alec Guinness as Major Jock Sinclair in this post-World War II drama from 1960. Director Ronald Neame would later helm classics comedies with Walter Matthau.
  • The Criterion Collection's "Until the End of the World," a road movie with sci-fi elements from Wim Wenders features the full 287-minute director's cut of this oft debated film.
  • "The Anne Bancroft Collection" brings together 8 films featuring Bancroft including classics "The Miracle Worker," "The Graduate," "To Be or Not to Be" and "Agnes of God" with "Don't Bother to Knock," "The Pumpkin Eater," "Fatso" and "84 Charing Cross Road." Not quite a definitive collection, but essential nonetheless.
  • "Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection" features five of the famed director's earliest work with British International Pictures from 1927-1931. The set includes silent films "The Ring," "The Farmer's Wife" and "Champagne" and the talkie "The Skin Game."
  • Shout! Factory's "The Fly Collection" includes the original trilogy from 1958-1965 and the 1986 David Cronenberg remake starring Jeff Goldblum and its 1989 sequel. The 1958 adaptation of George Langelaan's 1957 short story is a classic, as was the 1986 version. The sequels don't measure up, but the two black and white sequels (the original was color) are interesting in their own right. 1989's "The Fly II" with Eric Stolz starring as Martin Brundle, the son of Goldblum's character is pure gooey schlock.
  • "Universal Horror Collection: Volume 3" includes four classic horror films pulled from the Universal Pictures vaults from 1939-1941 featuring the likes of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr. and Basil Rathbone. This set includes "Tower of London," "Man-Made Monster," "The Black Cat," and "Horror Island." Universal's Horror franchises were the Marvel Cinematic Universe of their era.

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