Ellie Goulding's #Song4Syria is incredible

Ellie Goulding's music videos are often emotional and complex, but the UK singer has outdone herself with "I Know You Care #Song4Syria," a single she provided to benefit Save the Children, whose relief efforts are helping to bring crucial resources to the millions of children who have been impacted by the civil war in Syria.

Proceeds from the song, which is priced at .99 Euros, go to Save the Children's efforts to provide food, shelter, medicine, and other necessary supplies to children in Syria.

"The civil war in Syria is now in its third year. Nearly 7,000 children have died during the conflict, more than 2 million children within Syria have been forced to leave their homes and another million children have fled the country altogether...Children are, once again, the innocent victims of war," says a statement from Save the Children.

You can purchase the song here.

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