Dorothy Hamill quits DWTS, citing spinal injury

A surprising result in last night's results show shocked "Dancing With The Stars" fans -- but was a big relief for those dancers who delivered disappointing performances on Monday night. No contestant was eliminated by the judges; rather, Dorothy Hamill announced she'd be leaving of her own accord, citing an order from a spinal surgeon.

Despite speculations that boxer Victor Ortiz, comedian D.L. Hughley or "Real Housewife" Lisa Vanderpump would get the ax, all of the bottom field of performers remained safe due to Hamill's shocking announcement.

"It would be completely unfair for me to stay in this and have any of these people go home," Hamill said during the show, explaining that due to nerve damage, "I've taken the advice of my spine surgeon and I need to withdraw from the competition."

"I wish I could give it my all, but I can't," apologized the Olympic ice skater.

An ankle cyst caused Hamill trouble during Monday's competition episode, and the fan favorite was ultimately forced to wear flat shoes for her routine. The spinal injury and nerve damage seem unrelated.

The rest of the cast will move on to compete again next Monday.

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