Donuts or bagels? What your favorite foods say about your political leanings

According to a new study by Public Policy Polling, America may not be divided by red states and blue states, but rather, red plates and blue plates. The study revealed and political values not only influence the way we vote, but also our favorite foods. And guess who thinks the Olive Garden is considered "ethnic"?

The study revealed that while Republicans prefer donuts and Chik fil A, Democrats would rather pick bagels or croissants and KFC. Additionally, right-wing voters tend to drink diet soda, while the left usually picks regular pop. 43% of Republicans consider the Olive Garden "a quality source of authentic ethnic food," while only 41% of Dems feel the same way.

But it's not all about party lines when it comes down to what we eat; there are some food choices that everyone can agree on. Most Americans, regardless of political leanings, like Coca-Cola better than Pepsi, and hold a negative view of fast food.

Interestingly, only about 21% of Americans consider themselves obese; 36% actually are.

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