Craving Girl Scout cookies? There's an app for that

Girl Scout Cookies go on sale in Western Washington in nine days -- not that anyone's got a calendar and they're crossing off the days, of course -- and when they do, there's an app to help you find your nearest green-vested vendors.

Available for both Android and iPhone, the Girl Scout Cookie Locator helps Thin Mint-lovers find the closest cookie booth, whether it be at a grocery store or a nearby event. It can also sync the address to your calendar so you don't forget. And for those of us who have to wait (the Puget Sound almost always has one of the latest cookie sale window), there's a countdown clock to remind us when we can get our hands on some Samoas.

The Girl Scout Cookie Locator also includes recipes -- including some pretty crazy savory ones you'd have never thought of.

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington have other exciting announcements for 2014, as well -- including a partnership with Microsoft to create a new set of badges for technology and digital photography.

Nine more days!

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