Chris Brown calls assaulting Rihanna 'the biggest regret' of his life

Chris Brown and Rihanna's recent reconciliation has been the subject of plenty of debate and discussion, even prompting Oscars host Seth MacFarlane to jokingly compare it to the film "Django Unchained," (a quip many thought went too far), but, says Brown in a new interview with the UK's Mirror, that's just par for the course when you're young, in love and frequently in court.

"She loves me," Brown said of the singer in an interivew that's sure to enrage his many critics, "what can I say? I'm forgiven but, yes, I worked hard for it," he told the Mirror.

"That night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake," said Brown, "I've learned a lot since that night and I've grown up. I was very young and I took a lot of stuff, fame, for granted."

This is Brown's first time speaking about the 2009 assault since he an Rihanna reunited.

"Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals," said Brown about the night which left Rihanna battered and Brown with five years of probation and six months of community service (which he may have forged, an offense for which he is now under investigation).

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