Brad Pitt may have been wearing Spanx, proving he is human

Spanx are clearly a popular, modern take on your grandmother's girdle -- they've made founder Sara Blakely the youngest self-made female billionaire, so you know someone's buying them -- and they're not just for women anymore. But it's not just Everyday Joes who are getting a little under-garment support. According to Star magazine, even Brad Pitt sometimes need some tummy toning assistance.

The magazine, who mistakenly calls Spanx "ladies' underpants" (ahem, didn't we just cover the fact that they are also made specifically for men? They are called Manx, for the record), swears that a source close to Pitt told them that he'd been wearing the shapewear to control his midsection.

GossipCop, however, decries the report, calling it a "dud of a rumor."

But let's be honest, even if Pitt is getting some support in the form of Spandex, he's not alone. The shapewear industry was estimated to be worth about $750 million in 2008, and has only grown since then.

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