Bad news for Seafair: The Blue Angels may fall victim to budget cuts

Every summer, the people of the Puget Sound area are delighted (and the pets, terrorized) by the roar of the Blue Angels. Unfortunately, the air show is expensive -- and with Congress looking to cut billions of dollars in spending as a result of the sequestration, the Blue Angels may be on the chopping block.

The severe spending cuts are forcing government agencies, like branches of the US Military and Department of Defense, to take a critical look at where there money is going. And the Navy-funded traveling air show, which has existed since the 1940s, costs around $40 million per year. Cutting some of the Blue Angels' performances, like Seattle's annual Seafair show, could save as much as $28 million, Reuters reports.

Additional cuts, like forced furloughs of air traffic controllers, could further compound the problem. Seafair officials told KOMO News that they were standing by to hear about whether or not the budget cuts would, in fact, ground the Blue Angels.

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