'America's Most Wanted' axed for the third time

Humanitarian and crime-fighter John Walsh has changed countless lives, but with his revolutionary anti-abduction program, Code Adam, and his 25-year career as the creator, producer and host of "America's Most Wanted." But it looks like "AMW" is no longer wanted by Lifetime Television, because it reportedly is not being renewed.

TV Guide reports that Lifetime has decided not to continue airing new episodes of "AMW," but rather, are focusing on Walsh himself, and his work as an advocate for victims of crimes. They're reportedly developing a pilot for a new show altogether.

Rumor has it, though, that Walsh and his production company aren't prepared to retire "AMW" for good. Sources say that the show will be looking for a new channel for the reality show.

"AMW" has been through this all before -- this is actually the second time the show has been canceled. In 2011, Fox announced that they wouldn't be picking up the program for another season, at which point, Walsh moved the show to Lifetime, who was at that point looking to carry more reality programming. And, say Walsh's people, they're prepared to switch carriers again this time, as well.

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