Alice Cooper gives Justin Bieber valuable advice about vomiting

Justin Bieber has been having a rough couple of weeks, but at least he's got a new ally in his corner: notoriously grizzled rocker Alice Cooper! And boy does Cooper have some interesting advice for the Biebs.

In a Q&A with, 65-year-old Cooper was asked about Bieber's recent turmoil (wherein he fainted, cancelled shows and attacked the paparazzi, among other things)...and he gave a surprisingly salient answer.

"He came into Phoenix, comes up on stage, turns his back to the audience and throws up. I said, in the press, 'Justin, just as a note of professional rock & roll, never turn your back when you throw up. Let the audience see you throw up . . . Because that's a moment they're gonna remember.'"

But Cooper, who is something of a seasoned pro when it comes to projectile vomiting, wasn't finished yet.

"Make sure the lights are on you when you throw up," Cooper added.

Cooper's advice seems to be coming from a kind place -- he went on to note that Bieber "makes good records now," and cautioned that "he's got to survive the next 10 years. The excess is gonna come at him so quick."

Are you listening, Biebs?

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