Curt Kruse

Curt Kruse is co-host of the Curt And Corine Show weekday afternoons on STAR 101.5 and, despite what you may have read on other co-host's bios, is clearly the majority winner of the daily parking game by securing the parking spot closest to the elevator over Corine McKenzie nearly 80% of the time.

Curt's illustrious radio career began in college, where he believed a job at the university radio station would allow him to play his band's music on the air. That turned out not to be true, but the dream of a future in radio proved too much for him to resist. Curt has since been on the air all over the country and finally landed in Seattle in 2001. He shares a house in Mill Creek with his dog Rina and a big tank of fish.

Curt is an avid fan of live music and has been in many bands over the years as a singer, guitarist and drummer. A huge movie buff, Curt was cast as an extra in the George Clooney/Jennifer Lopez movie "Out Of Sight" but couldn't get out of his airshift to actually show up on the set for the shoot! He is a long-time supporter of animal welfare groups including PAWS, the Seattle Humane Society and Pasado's Safe Haven. In his free time, you can find Curt at many of the off-leash parks in the Seattle area. He also enjoys photography, racquet sports, motorcycling and trying to improve his pathetic golf game.

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